Some people call this a weed

IMG_9392Some people call this a weed.  Not sure the name of this plant but it grows wild in untended areas and thus, could be considered a weed.  This picture shows it about to bloom.   I’ll post a panned out view  when it fully blooms to show its leaves and give a better perspective because it grows around here everywhere.  Since the plant seems to thrive in  densely packed clay that was used as fill in the new front parkway area I let these grow out to see what they look like.   There is nothing wrong with keeping weeds that flower out into something.  Who knows: maybe this weed can be turned into a medicine?  The front parkway has several variety of weeds growing out to their full potential.  They provide contrast to the “wildflowers” I planted from seed packets.  These weeds are the true wildflowers.  There are certain classes of invasive weeds I pull like chickweed; weeds that creep along and choke other plants.  Weeds that stay to themselves I let be unless they’re in the way of something else.

Tomato update:  Picked first tomato on main roof August 1 with a little Blossom End Rot (BER).  There have been lots of little BER throwaways but they are becoming less so hopefully a good crop will come soon.  No sign of mites; perhaps because there has been so much heavy rain.  Mites seem to thrive in dry environment.  Some browning of leaves on sucker branches which I have been cropping.  Nothing bad so far.  Fingers crossed and updated pics are forthcoming.

Cosmos in debris clump

Cosmos grow amongst two year old debris clump occupying the western edge of main roof.  These clumps are going through drought periods.  I haven’t been diligent watering since the tomatoes died.  The wildflowers are still popping up however and blooming.  I cheated and seeded these.  The grass and most all other plants in these clumps comes from whatever seeds make it and survive.