Veranda level status

A view of the veranda shade in morning light taken from the west facing door.  Not much interesting on the veranda worth photographing.  Will write more analysis later but in general, morning glories look thin.  I don’t see any Heavenly Blues or Moonflowers even though I saw many sprout but it’s still perhaps early.   I like this shot of the shade; a prototype using a discarded king sized sheet pinned together with sewing needles and clothing pins.  When all the kinks get worked out I plan to learn how to use a sewing machine and make something proper.

NorthEast corner Main roof

NE Corner

This eight foot box holds 4 cucumbers, 8 habeneros, 2 Cleome and some snapdragons. The snapdragons growing out the side of the box are volunteers from many years ago when this box supported snapdragons. The box resides on the northeast corner of the main roof.