NE Corner Main Roof Status

This corner has a collapsed box that I decided to let be this year because of the large population of volunteer snapdragons from last season.   The box contains 8 habeneros, 2 cucumbers, 1 eggplant, and 1 Cleome that I planted.  In the bottom left corner is part of the pineapple mint container which is on its third or fourth year.  Next season I’ll have to replace this box and since it supports edibles I can’t use treated wood.  This pine box painted with white polyurethane paint was built for the 2007 season so it has lasted only 6 years — which might not be so bad.  The treated wood boxes on the veranda level are on their 11th year and show no signs of wear.  I need to figure out a way to line the inside of these large box containers with some kind of plastic to protect the wood from soil moisture without introducing nasty chemicals that can get into edible plants.

Here’s the box in 2007 on SE wall main roof.

Caged Position 14

Caged position 14, the last caged position, contains 1 eggplant, 1 Cleome, and a bunch of volunteer snapdragons from last year.  This is an end container in the tomato line.  These three plants seem to be getting along OK so far however the Cleome looks a little stunted.  Some of the Cleome seedlings from Gesethemane were duds and I got no volunteer Cleome from the plants grown last season.  Eggplant grow like a weed on the rooftop and are heavy producers.

Update Note: Since this container contained volunteers from last year its soil was not turned thus mushroom compost was not added.  This could be an influence on plant size.