Tomato update

No pics for this log book entry.  Picked 8 smaller tomatoes last night bringing total up to perhaps 21.  CG2 tomato has second growth and may produce through September now that CG3 tomato is dead producing nothing.  CG6 and CG7 have about 10 tomatoes between them.  Crop is way down this season but not a total failure.  Tomatoes are enough for me but can’t give any away.  No pics.  Lost island debris clump has an interesting plant growing in it.  Will post a pic soon.

Logbook Entry: First harvest and more

First harvest on 7/19.  Four eggplants and a cucumber.  Cuke taken from the one in the cages which is doing well.  Eggplants from caged position 2.

Possible blight on Big Boy tomato in caged position 10.  Eggplant in caged position 9 doesn’t look well.  Instead of pulling entire eggplant, took off all blighted leaves and removed all blighted stalks from tomato.  It looks like a small and isolated outbreak.  Never seen blight on eggplant before.  IMHO, the outbreak seemed to originate from the eggplant which shares its container with a Cleome (unaffected).  That eggplant has some healthy new growth so I let it be for now to see if the problem is over.

Logbook Entry: Blossom End Rot

Pulled two tomatoes from caged position 10, a Big Boy, with blossom end rot.  That they were red, small, and completely consumed with BER might mean the plant was rejecting them early which could be a good thing.  No other BER sighted so far.  Green tomatoes are getting big and none have any spots on them (knock on wood).  These next three weeks are the most critical and I think where all my major mistakes have taken place in past years.  I am now watering mid-day as well as evening when temps exceed 90F, like today.  Next two days forecast close to 100F.

Logbook Entry: First fertilization 6/13/2012

I never recorded when I start fertilizing so  not sure if I’m early or late this year.  I use that Miracle Grow 3-1-2 blue water soluble fertilizer that comes in packets.  One scoopful into a two gallon bucket is good for 2 1/2 tomato sized containers.  My main concern are the tomatoes — the only plant that has been a perpetual failure for me year after year.  Everything on the main roof was fertilized and all house plants on the veranda.  I’m debating whether or not to expand the fertilizer regime to other plants.

I normally try and fertilize once a week.