Heavenly Blue Morning Glories

IMG_8199Heavenly Blue morning glories bloom on veranda level.  Veranda level MGs doing well.  Alley level; not so well.  I am considering eliminating alley level planters next Spring due to difficulty in maintenance (i.e. watering) and their lack of performance these last bunch of years.  The veranda level produced nice MGs this year for a change.

Morning Glories

IMG_7940Purple morning glories bloom on veranda level.  Heavenly blues haven’t bloomed yet but I think I saw a bunch survive.  Not sure where they are now.  Haven’t seen any moonflowers yet.  Shot taken on 8/15/2013 in morning light.

Sunflower Veranda North Wall

IMG_7380A sunflower grows on the veranda north wall box on 7/3.  Haven’t taken current shots in awhile.  Tomatoes look good.  No sign of mites knock on wood.  I’m doing the cold water shower technique with every watering.  The sunflowers on main roof look very good.  I might plant another set of seeds to see if I can get another wave of sunflowers after this current set blooms and peters out.  Habeneros are recovering and have sprouted new leaves.  Looks like I may get some habs this year.

Veranda west wall center box

IMG_7311The center box on west wall veranda level is new this year.  It’s about 9 cu. ft. of root space.  This spot used to hold 2 3 cu. ft. containers.  Making one big container increased root space by 50%.  The vines are doing extremely well this year in general and this box in particular.  Much of this might have to do with the continuous wet and cool weather we have had this season so far.

NE corner veranda

IMG_7358I built a new table for the NE corner veranda which holds more shade oriented indoor plants.  The table is made out of weather resistant wood and hopefully lasts a decade.  That corner gets a lot of shade and since most of it sits under a roof eve it stays dry during most rain storms.