Text Update

A lot of rain this month.  Hardly had to water.  Fertilized main roof 6/28 which might be late.  Veranda vines doing well.  Will have pics soon.   Front raspberries doing extremely well.   Haven’t watered them once this year.  Alley planter soaker hose seems to work.  Found a simple hose timer at Menards.  That is all…

Logbook Entry: First harvest and more

First harvest on 7/19.  Four eggplants and a cucumber.  Cuke taken from the one in the cages which is doing well.  Eggplants from caged position 2.

Possible blight on Big Boy tomato in caged position 10.  Eggplant in caged position 9 doesn’t look well.  Instead of pulling entire eggplant, took off all blighted leaves and removed all blighted stalks from tomato.  It looks like a small and isolated outbreak.  Never seen blight on eggplant before.  IMHO, the outbreak seemed to originate from the eggplant which shares its container with a Cleome (unaffected).  That eggplant has some healthy new growth so I let it be for now to see if the problem is over.


No posts in awhile.  No pictures.  The garden is waning mid August again and I don’t know why.  All tomatoes and cucumbers are dead.  The morning glories were thin this year from the alley.  Clearly neglect has taken its toll there.  Right now, like the Cubs, I’m planning for next year.  Maybe the year the Cubs win the World Series will be the year I can get a tomato plant to survive until October.