Habenero Harvest

IMG_9547Habeneros are good this year.  Even though the label on seedlings sold by Gethsemane said yellow habeneros, they always ripen to red for some reason.  There was a time when they did sell habeneros that only turned yellow.  This has been going on for quite a few years now.

Usually I complain about Gethsemane but their hab seedlings have been very vigorous this season.    All habs still growing and a lot of green growth.

TL;DR The above pic is a 2 gallon bucket dump of habeneros harvested today.  More to come.

Update:  I’m not complaining about red habeneros.  The red habs are hotter and more desirable than  yellow habs in my opinion.  Gethsemane used to differentiate between the two with their tags and now they only tag them as yellow.  I’m happy they’re really red because that’s what I want.  Will be back next year.

I may have been overcrowding habeneros in the past.  Plants seem bigger with more habeneros because I allocated more cuft root space to each plant.  I used to allocate 1 cuft/plant and now I’m up to 1.5 cuft/plant and the production is the same but with less plants.  Therefore, the numbers of actual plants doesn’t matter as much as the total container size growing that type of plant.  Next season I’ll experiment giving a habenero 2 cuft root space and see what happens.