Front Parkway in Mid Afternoon Sun

IMG_9544I divided the front parkway into 4 foot sections.  This is the nothernmost 6 foot section that was planted with Cleome, Zinnias, and general wildflowers.  The parkway tomato featured below also grows into this section.  A few tree seedlings are growing and I hope this will be the location of one of the two or more trees that will grow to full size in the next 10 – 20 years.  Not sure yet whether to plant a sapling or let the seedlings grow to full size.

Tomato update: Lots of tomatoes on Main Roof but all the plants are dead or dying.  Don’t think they’ll make it to September.  I have downsized next year’s crop to 6 tomatoes and 5 non-tomatoes requiring only 3 9cuft containers.  Eight tomato plants generate too many to harvest.  Plan to put them out for the neighbors to take.