Some people call this a weed

IMG_9392Some people call this a weed.  Not sure the name of this plant but it grows wild in untended areas and thus, could be considered a weed.  This picture shows it about to bloom.   I’ll post a panned out view  when it fully blooms to show its leaves and give a better perspective because it grows around here everywhere.  Since the plant seems to thrive in  densely packed clay that was used as fill in the new front parkway area I let these grow out to see what they look like.   There is nothing wrong with keeping weeds that flower out into something.  Who knows: maybe this weed can be turned into a medicine?  The front parkway has several variety of weeds growing out to their full potential.  They provide contrast to the “wildflowers” I planted from seed packets.  These weeds are the true wildflowers.  There are certain classes of invasive weeds I pull like chickweed; weeds that creep along and choke other plants.  Weeds that stay to themselves I let be unless they’re in the way of something else.

Tomato update:  Picked first tomato on main roof August 1 with a little Blossom End Rot (BER).  There have been lots of little BER throwaways but they are becoming less so hopefully a good crop will come soon.  No sign of mites; perhaps because there has been so much heavy rain.  Mites seem to thrive in dry environment.  Some browning of leaves on sucker branches which I have been cropping.  Nothing bad so far.  Fingers crossed and updated pics are forthcoming.