No pics.  I’m a bit behind updating this log book so this is a text update.  Pics will be coming soon when I get motivated.  Added 2 3’x2’x1.5′ = 9 cu.ft planters on main roof  which each take two tomatoes around Memorial Day and got all tomatoes, eggplants, habeneros, and even basil planted in time.   Because of the new arrangement somehow ended up with 15 caged positions instead of 14 per previous two years.  Found Cleome in four packs at the Menards parking lot guy.  Those have been successful companion plants for tomatoes.   I couldn’t find them anywhere last season.  I’ve been derelict on veranda level so everything is just growing as if it were maintenance free.  It will be interesting to see how the vines turn out growing wild.

Front parkway doing well.  Have good raspberries and two areas where the catnip returned but it took awhile for it to come up.  Usually that blooms at the end of June and right now it’s nowhere near close to blooming.  Like me and my gardening projects, Catnip is over a month behind schedule in my estimation.