Pineapple Mint

Got to 97F today.  Probably should have checked to see if I needed to second water for the day.  Last few weeks I have been watering in the morning instead of late evening.  All  plants on main roof are in decline.  One maybe two habeneros out of 12 planted may yield something.  The habs are a failed crop this year.  I noticed all kinds of different bugs around the pineapple mint in caged position 12 from bees to flies to dragon flies and even wasps.  These might make for a good buffer plant.  The pineapple mint in that container started as a volunteer this year and is doing extremely well.  May get a pic one of these days since it’s still in bloom.  This type of mint thrives on the main roof.  Found some garlic chives barely surviving in the western wall debris clump.  Garlic chives are in bloom now.