IMG_8051Late blight hit the Celebrities and Big Boys.  Not sure why this happened.  One theory is lack of nutrients.  I have been lax fertilizing as of late and I did not add compost to the mix this year or any slow release ferts.  Another theory is blame it on the sunflowers again.  They may be a vector and using them as buffer plants may have brought this on.  The two Branywines are unaffected and very healthy.  All tomato plants are producing a lot of tomatoes.  I probably should be measuring the harvest with a scale.  Maybe next year.  Despite the blight I would consider this year’s tomato crop to be a success in that it produced a decent amount of nice round tomatoes without BER or cracking or other weirdness.  I’m probably around 60-70 harvested so far.  A second wave harvest is doubtful.  The Brandywines have a shot at a second wave but I don’t see any new flowers on them either even though the plants themselves look good.  A couple Celebrities look kind of stunted.  In past years the Celebrities were the hardy ones — not this year.  Maybe Gethsemane in Rogers Park sold me bad tomato seedlings.  I have already decided not to use them next year because of their selection has been poor.  This seals the deal for me.