Update 8/20

No pics.  Celebrity tomatoes not doing well and dying on top.  Brandywines look very healthy but also have some brown leaves.  No mites.  This may be due to lack of nutrition since I didn’t add any compost into the mix this Spring and I’m behind on fertilizing.  Fat eggplant in caged position 14 is stunted due to sunflower.  Fat eggplant in caged position 1 is very big and healthy as well as its two habenero companions.  None of the 8 habs in NE corner will produce anything.  The sunflowers there look very nice however but they don’t play well with others.  Tomato harvest is coming in.  Second wave looks unlikely or maybe small due to flowers dieing even though there are tons of bees due to the sunflowers blooming.  We’ll see.  Maybe later I’ll post some harvest porn.  Until then….

BTW: It hasn’t rained since I can’t remember.  This might be considered a drought right now and watering is a PITA.

Note: Veranda north wall box was not being watered properly because I couldn’t see it.  Drip irrigation for these boxes is a must.  Soaker hose on alley level boxes somewhat work but is not a solution.  Those boxes need proper irrigation.  That is all….