Update 8/9

Still no pics.  Sunflowers are blooming so maybe I’ll go up there in good light and get some current pics.  Picked two BER throwaways on Celebrity in caged position 2.  Those were the only red ones so far.  All tomatoes look very green and some are growing in rather large bunches without BER so far.  This could possibly be one of the latest tomato harvests I’ve had.  So far no mites.  Some browned leaves on lower branches but that could be from lack of light and the plant rejecting them.  All 8 tomato plants look healthy.  Picked 4 good eggplants, 2 fat ones, 2 skinny ones.  The fat one in caged position 1 is almost as large as a tomato plant.  I have 2 habs shared in that container and they’re doing well too.  These fat eggplants might need their own large caged position.  They’re also producing some beautiful eggplants.  Should have taken a pic but already gave them away.  I’ll shoot a pic of the next harvest — probably in a couple days.