Update 7/22

No photos.  It has been hot and we had a couple of rains.  Went up at noon on 7/21 and everything was drooping.  Not good.  The sunflowers seem to suck a lot of water.  I noticed that the habeneros with sunflowers as a companion plant are not doing well at all.  Of the 8 on NE corner main roof maybe 5 are still alive but they are small.  There are 8 in the caged positions and only half seem healthy.  Caged position 1 has the two biggest and they share with a big eggplant — no sunflower.  May need to rethink using companion plants for habeneros.  They seem to do just fine on their own.  This is the first year I’ve had problems with habeneros.  The vines look good.  The alley vines seem like a week behind schedule.  Not sure if my soaker hose watering system is working.   I watered for 45 minutes yet far right planter vines showed serious signs of distress at the end of the day.  The veranda vines are doing much better than last year.