Black Eyed Susans

IMG_7607Black eyed susans grow wild.  Usually these grow with chives but they haven’t come up en mass yet.  Maybe more later in the season.   Tomatoes are doing well.   Sunflowers seem like a good companion plant.  Need to get pics of those containers up.  So far no mites seen on tomatoes but will go up tonight and do a more thorough inspection.  Rain has stopped coming daily and I’ve had to water now three days in a row.  Vines look healthy and good this year.  My poor man’s drip irrigation using a soaker hose seems to work for alley planters.  Need to water front raspberries for the first time this season and need to do it today!  One volunteer hops plant from many years ago has reached the highest so far.  Won’t get much hops from this plant but maybe next year it will grow bigger if it can survive the winter.  We’ll see.