Update 6/6

No photos for awhile. Everything got planted by 6/1, both seed and seedlings. Caged positions 1-14 are the same as last year. Tomatoes are 4 Celebrity, 2 Big Boys, and 2 Brandywines. Now that I’m on the lookout for spider mites hopefully that won’t be a problem this year. The buffer plants are different this year. No Cleome. I couldn’t find it in seedlings. May have to start my own seedlings next year — I don’t know. No cucumbers this year — only eggplant and habeneros. Analysis of my companion plant matching will be unraveled throughout the season.

Main roof NE corner will not be planted this year as a major reduction. That planter had around 25 cu. ft. of potting mix. I will slowly dismantle it and clean up that corner for maybe more (and better built) caged positions next year. SE corner loses one 3 cu. ft. container. Habs go into that corner this year with sunflower companions. We’ll see how well that works.

Added new levels and containers to veranda level and retired some old containers from the original year #1 in 2002. They finally fell apart. Alley vine containers receive a soaker hose for a poor man’s version of drip irrigation. The goal this season will be to get automatic drip irrigation working to some level of reliability. Once in place it will be possible to stop the yearly garden reduction and perhaps expand next year.

Weather has been cold and dreary. Photos forthcoming once things start growing.