Post organic anti mite application status

A sample curled leave taken from Celebrity tomato in caged position two.  No hard showers given since application of organic anti-mite oils.  I noticed that curled leaves in all tomatoes now have distinct brown spots which seems to indicate that this solution might have had some effect.  No mites seen today.  Saw one teeny little black beetle and hopefully that wasn’t something.  Did a hard prune today but it was much lighter than the past two prunes.  Also fertilized tonight.  We have another 100F day tomorrow and then the cold front hits.  Harvested two little tomatoes not even worth mentioning.  Some tomatoes are cracked which means I might be watering too much.  I’m not concerned about that.

Overall, with all I know now that I didn’t know last year at this time, so far so good.  The Big Boy tomatoes have good second growth and lots of second growth flowers on all eight.  We’ll see where everything is at tomorrow.  One day at a time…

Update 8/5: Skipped watering on 8/4 evening because it rained somewhat.  Heavy cucumber harvest today.  Cucumber in the cages lost two main branches which at first glance looked like they were broken but upon further inspection did not see anything broken.  Not sure as to the cause but after cutting noticed white fur around base of branches which could mean something else nasty eating my plants.  Pruned and sprayed again.  Saw mites in curled leaved sections hidden away in groups.  They weren’t moving fast but they were there.  Big Boys are having most difficulty while Celebrities might be OK (knock on wood).  Even though the Big Boys grew much higher than the Celebrities, the branches being cut out of them leave their base barren.  They are getting second growth and flowers butthe mites seem relentless.  Perhaps if I had started treatment earlier this wouldn’t have been as big a problem because the plants are so big now it’s difficult getting around to all the infected branches.  The couple of decent sized tomatoes are nice and round and no BER but some over watered cracking.  They cut up well and taste good.  A lot of big ones from the Big Boys should be coming in a couple of days.