More Heat

Note: There will be a lot of text observations because I need to record this data for future reference.

Temp in Bucktown got to 99 or 100F, it doesn’t matter which.  Everything watered last night so everything should be OK on main roof.  Need to do another complete watering tonight.  Temps forecast circa 100F for until Friday and perhaps beyond.  This climate is significantly different than the last three years at least by my off the top memory.

Todo: Try and download temperature data for the last decade.   Update on tomato health observation later this evening if there’s anything different.

Update Fri 7/6:  Rained 7/5 afternoon so did not have to water anything.  Another 100F today, all tomatoes showed leaf curl at 4:30pm so only watered them to hopefully cool their roots a little.  Maybe should have done that a few hours earlier.  Will water them again tonight.  Skipping fertilizing until heat wave is over on Sunday.

Update Sat 7/7: Heat wave broke today.  Temp currently 73F at 9:30pm.  Only got to mid 80s during day even though predicted 100F today.  They always seem to miss weather changes.  All tomatoes have leaf curl.  This could be bad news.  Containers still seem moist so skipped watering tonight.  Must checkup during day tomorrow.   Perhaps I watered too much — I don’t know anymore.

Update Fri 7/8: Tomato leaves still curled.  Fertilized everything on main roof.  Hopefully things will improve tomorrow.