Observation: Heat

Rained somewhat the morning of 7/1.  Did not water evening 7/1.  Temp reached upper  90s 7/2 (today).  The tomatoes did not show wilt at 3pm.  I expected some wilt.  This could mean the containers are retaining more water this year.  Mushroom compost does impede drainage and was added this year to most containers.  I have to water everything this evening.

Update: I planted Big Boys not Better Boys as tomatoes.  After watering in the evening a Big Boy tomato in caged position 13 sufferred wilt and seemed to be the only one.  I suppose I should have watered at 3pm.  Overall the Big Boy plants seem larger than Celebrity tomatoes.  Some plants of both types have started to fruit.  I’m not sure what date this occurred in previous years.  Flowers look good on all tomato plants.