Tomatoes in morning light

This photo shows the tomatoes at around 7:30 am on 6/3.  They’re still shaded nicely.  Sunrise is around 5:16am so they get over 2 1/2 hours of morning shade.  The south side of the roof gets no shade.  The debris clump in the sunlight is suffering from drought.  We’ll see how these fare this year under drought conditions.  I have identified two leaks in the roof that need repair — exact location not completely known.   I do not suspect the debris clumps however.  The tomato patch and two corners are the only things growing up there this year giving me room to do some roof repairs.  Much of the roof needs that silver paint.  I might look into white instead.

The following is for log book purposes.  The 14 caged positions have been planted with the following:

1 – two Cleome  2 – Celebrity 3 – two eggplants 4 – Big Boy 5 – I’ll fill this in later.