NW corner veranda

Status update of northwest corner veranda.  Morning glories have topped the pergolas and this is about as dense as they get.  The morning glories are waning.  I haven’t seen a Heavenly Blue or Moonflower so it looks like the purple and pinks took over and won.  The morning glories seem much thinner than previous years.

Note to future Mark:  veranda level container mix needs to be turned and planted with more variety next Spring and then weeded properly.  It might be a good idea to introduce mushroom compost as well to aid in water retention and provide better nutrition.  I think veranda level boxes drained and dried out too quickly this year.  This seems counter intuitive since I didn’t turn or touch the container mix in the veranda main boxes.  Perhaps there also might have been lack of proper nutrients provided in both alley and veranda level main planters.  No added slow release ferts were added in Spring and MG soluble fertilization was added infrequently.   Need to come up with a proper proportion of compost/cubic foot.  A 10% ratio would mean 3 cubic feet of compost to cover two veranda level main boxes.

The purples, which I consider the weed of the MG family, is all I got this year.  They look nice in certain light but can’t compare to Heavenly Blues which are absent.